Where can I use my hand fan?


Hand fans have MANY great uses. But where you might ask? Here we can break down where is best to use your fan!

First off, their literal use and most practical, is to fan yourself whenever you’re hot. This is what they’re actually designed and made for. Plus, hot flashes a real thing and extremely warm weather requires a personal cooling device! Cool seekers rejoice!

Circuit parties: These fans are also sometimes called ‘circuit fans’. These are parties with loud music, often with shirtless people in very close quarters, resulting in a lot of sweat and heat permeating the dance floor! Have no fear, many people come equipped to these parties with their circuit fans to keep them cool and also showcase some style when their shirts are off.

Pool parties: It’s hot out. You’re near the water, but don’t want to fully get in. You’re lounging in a cabana. You have a bathing suit on but you’re soaking up the rays. Pool parties or even a cute poolside moment is the PERFECT place for a fan. They keep you cool and are the ultimate pool-side accessory – just don’t get them wet!

Music festivals: If you’ve never been to a music festival, let us be the first to tell you they are often long days in the hot scorching sun, with lots of walking and no time for outfit changes or breaks. They’re a go go go type of event, which is a lot of fun if you’re properly prepared! Keep cool and add the ultimate accessory to your festival fashion with a fun patterned fan!

Living room dance parties: We’ve all been there; you have a couple friends over and there are music videos playing on the TV. You just want to dance, but need something a little extra. This is where a handy bamboo hand fan comes into play. You can thworp it, you can clack it, you can do a little dance jig with it, whatever you want – it’s your home!

Make your own reason: You don’t need an excuse to thworp your clack fan, or clack your thworp fan! There’s a magical feeling when you grip a fan, whether it’s your first time or your 100th. If it’s your 100th, you know you need not a reason to give it a thrust and let that magical crack vibrate your eardrums. Own your own destiny, honey!

Just remember, always be kind when your thworping your fan! Some people are sound sensitive and we don’t want you to over-clack your welcome!