What is a Dirt Squirrel?

Dirt Squirrel Underwear

You may have heard that Dirt Squirrel Apparel is our parent company, and you’d be correct! Over at headquarters they make some fabulous bamboo underwear, premium-casual apparel and were the OG makers of that Shade Fan you’ve seen EVERYWHERE (RuPaul’s Drag Race ring a bell?). Whatever path lead you here to JOINFANCLUB, you still may be wondering what a Dirt Squirrel is and we’d be lying if we said we have never been asked this question before. So, let us tell you!

A Dirt Squirrel is spontaneous, boisterous and always a little off topic. Someone who often displays moral inconsistencies or questionable character. They have an affinity for a good nut, make erratic decisions, are cute yet pesky, get into all sorts of mischief, love shaking their tails and live in the moment fulfilling their basic needs.

We like to say that everyone is a Dirt Squirrel at heart. If you get yourself in trouble for anything from sex to drinking to rule breaking – you’re a Dirt Squirrel. Because of this, Dirt Squirrel became a fun and endearing term that we started calling our friends whenever they got themselves into a little bit of trouble. We embraced that being a Dirt Squirrel isn’t necessarily a lifestyle, but a part of life. We should be proud of our shameless moments and wear them as a badge of honour, as they help shape who we are and prove that instead of being sticks in mud, we’re living lives to the fullest.

When you look back and reminisce on nostalgic memories with your friends and loved ones, you’re likely bringing up the times when you were all Grade-A Dirt Squirrels. The moments when you didn’t look both ways before running across the road, accepted the repercussions and are able to look back and laugh at it. We think those are some moments to celebrate and never stop creating! After all, being a Dirt Squirrel is in your nature.

So there you have it Squirrel Friends, the nitty gritty on what makes a true Dirt Squirrel. We hope that this has been both informative and fun for you, cause we certainly had fun elaborating.

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