What are the names of hand fans?


Hand fans are called many different things by different groups of people! We’ve heard them all. A fan, hand fan, circuit fan, thworper, thworp fan, party fan, bamboo fan, clack fan, folding fan, – you’ve got a name for it, you bet we’ve heard it and that’s ok!

Whatever you want to call it, a fan will be your best friend. While each name indicates a specific purpose, they do identify where the user actually uses their hand fan! For instance, a circuit fan would lead the reader to believe a group of gays enjoying lyric-less progressive house (think unce unce unce beat beat beat dance dance dance) at a party of men clad in their birthday suits (ok fine, at least wearing shorts). Party Fan would indicate the user is wherever there is fun to be had and some heat to fan away. Traditionally, these fans are made from bamboo spokes, so the literal name for these would be a bamboo hand fan.

The term thworp, which is one of the many words used to describe the sound that a fan makes when it is quickly opened, was popularized by Katya, a drag queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race. The term clack fan, is another descriptive word used to describe the sound these make.

Hand fans come in many shapes, sizes and designs. Whatever you want to call them will work for us, and hopefully your group of friends! They keep you cool, meaning they’re functional, but they also add a wicked cool element to any outfit, depending on the design you’ve selected!

20 inches end to end, 13 inches closed being the standard size, these fans were designed for the ultimate party goer, the seeker of heat relief, and those loud enough who want to make a statement wherever they go.