So, you’ve acquired your lovely new bamboo hand fan, and now you want it to make that noise you’ve been hearing everywhere. THWORP. CLACK. THWORP THWORP. CLACK CLACK. We get it. Sometimes that sound is like music to people’s ears and well, others? If they don’t like it, they don’t have to listen. But with that in mind, let’s not over-do it and ruin everyone’s ear-drums (unless they deserve it).

So how do you make that thworp fan thworp? How do you make that clack fan clack? Well, let us tell you!

First, grab the fan firmly at the base, with the logo facing out. Fans only open one way. The design on the fabric should be facing out to your audience. Try opening it a few times manually to get a feel of the movement pattern.

Once you’ve figured out how it opens, give it a test run using gravity. Hold the fan out, putting most of your grip into the top spoke, and let the rest of the spokes fall toward the ground using gravity. This should allow it to open fully.

Now that you’ve got the motion, it’s time to add a little power and a flick of the wrist! This should send the spokes you’re not holding onto straight down, fast and loud – giving you the thworp sound you’ve been looking for!

With a little practice, you’ll be a pro in no time! If you need a little extra visual, check out this lovely YouTube tutorial video made by @Dirt Squirrel.