Neon Wrestling Singlets

Sexy Singlets – sportswear, fetishwear, everyday wear.

Be ready to get down & dirty! Be the main event and have all eyes on you in one of our tight and bright singlets! These new fitted singlets hug the body for a comfortable, stretchy and flattering fit that will show off all of your curves and muscles. When it comes to sexiness, there really is no contest. You can also choose from a classic black or one of three bold and bright neon options including our icy blue, highlighter yellow or bright pink! When designing these singlets we wanted to ensure they were just as comfortable as they were flattering. In order to…


Dirt Squirrel Underwear

What is a Dirt Squirrel?

You may have heard that Dirt Squirrel Apparel is our parent company, and you’d be correct! Over at headquarters they make some fabulous bamboo underwear, premium-casual apparel and were the OG makers of that Shade Fan you’ve seen EVERYWHERE (RuPaul’s Drag Race ring a bell?). Whatever path lead you here to JOINFANCLUB, you still may be wondering what a Dirt Squirrel is and we’d be lying if we said we have never been asked this question before. So, let us tell you! A Dirt Squirrel is spontaneous, boisterous and always a little off topic. Someone who often displays moral inconsistencies or questionable character. They have…


Where can I use my hand fan?

Hand fans have MANY great uses. But where you might ask? Here we can break down where is best to use your fan! First off, their literal use and most practical, is to fan yourself whenever you’re hot. This is what they’re actually designed and made for. Plus, hot flashes a real thing and extremely warm weather requires a personal cooling device! Cool seekers rejoice! Circuit parties: These fans are also sometimes called ‘circuit fans’. These are parties with loud music, often with shirtless people in very close quarters, resulting in a lot of sweat and heat permeating the dance floor! Have no fear, many…


What are the names of hand fans?

Hand fans are called many different things by different groups of people! We’ve heard them all. A fan, hand fan, circuit fan, thworper, thworp fan, party fan, bamboo fan, clack fan, folding fan, – you’ve got a name for it, you bet we’ve heard it and that’s ok! Whatever you want to call it, a fan will be your best friend. While each name indicates a specific purpose, they do identify where the user actually uses their hand fan! For instance, a circuit fan would lead the reader to believe a group of gays enjoying lyric-less progressive house (think unce unce unce beat beat beat…



So, you’ve acquired your lovely new bamboo hand fan, and now you want it to make that noise you’ve been hearing everywhere. THWORP. CLACK. THWORP THWORP. CLACK CLACK. We get it. Sometimes that sound is like music to people’s ears and well, others? If they don’t like it, they don’t have to listen. But with that in mind, let’s not over-do it and ruin everyone’s ear-drums (unless they deserve it). So how do you make that thworp fan thworp? How do you make that clack fan clack? Well, let us tell you! First, grab the fan firmly at the base, with the logo facing out….