Welcome to Fan Club!

Our brand harnesses the obsession of the “fan girl” and the dedication of the “super fan”, creating products that cater to individuals bursting with excitement, exuding confidence and oozing sexual energy.

We are a queer owned and operated company based out of the true north strong and fierce, Canada! We endeavour to provide a safe and fun space for all humans.

The first rule of Fan Club? You talk about Fan Club.

Unlike other clubs, we want you to show us what that word-of-mouth can do by telling as many people as you can about us as you can. After all, would you go to or join a club without your favourite people? The only thing you need to take part is to sport one of our products!


This club creates a safe and stimulating atmosphere that is advertised through a fierce and provocative product line. Our products are designed to make an impact and make you hyper visible, turning heads and breaking necks. Our hope is that Fan Club members feel a sense of unity and power when sporting our gear wherever you are in the world, giving a subtle nod to the solidarity of Fan Club members and the inclusive environment we actively work to uphold.

Join Fan Club if you promise to uphold our inclusive ideals and solemnly swear to be up to no good. We are excited to have you with us and look forward to seeing who else you bring on board! There is power in numbers, three is company, four is a party, and five + is an above average orgy of awesomeness. Come take part and become an exclusive member of our inclusive club!